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Louise Lehrer
21 October
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who is louise lehrer?
eats a lot of meat
adores shoes
prefers flavored water and strawberry milkshakes
don't threaten her family
oh, and a werewolf

what are her verses?

    FAMILYTIES -- wherein Louise is a student at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in München. She is getting her Magister's degree in psychology. She and her brother were perhaps the first of their family to attend university. She is not at all open about being a werewolf, following closely in the path of her family in that regard. On the other hand, Louise is somewhat involved in an on and off again relationship with -- gasp! -- a human! as well as, um, sometimes, you know how it is... her brother.

    TEACHMEWISDOM -- wherein, four or so years later, Louise has graduated from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and now teaches psychology & German at Gravestone Academy. She's not quite sure how she got the position and definitely views it as a temporary thing, but for now it's more than interesting enough. One major change for Louise while she teaches at Gravestone is the simple fact that she's open about her lycanthropy and is even studying how it's different from the other forms evident at the school. Also? Hee: she's engaged to Emil.

rp oc; portrayed by karla derass
both mun & muse are over 18
WARNING: btw incest lol

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